Wednesday, December 13, 2017

holiday gift drive

Please consider donating to TOR's Holiday gift drive! All items go to students at our school.

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

studio time

Don't forget! I am staying after school THIS Thursday (12/7) for any students who need to complete artwork prior to the mid-quarter/progress report deadline on Friday.

I have several students from all grades who still have incomplete work due to absences, etc. I strongly suggest they attend so that the work does not pile up at the end of the quarter. :-)

Monday, November 27, 2017

grade 6 students

Just a friendly reminder to grade 6 students and parents: we will be using acrylic (permanent) paint this and next week for our masks. I will have aprons for students to wear, but please be conscientious of what is worn as the paint does not wash out. 

Monday, November 20, 2017

donors choose permission slip

I will be handing out additional copies of the Donors Choose Permission Slip/Photo Waiver to students who did not return theirs during quarter 1. Please have these signed and returned as soon as possible. We have a few deadlines for thank you letters/impact photos quickly approaching. As you know, Donors Choose has helped supply many of the art materials in our classroom and part of the agreement is that I have to post photographs of the students using the materials that we have received.

Thank you for your help!

If you would like to check out our Donors Choose page:

Please consider donating to and/or sharing out our link!

november art challenge- extra credit

November Art Challenge/Extra credit will be collected 12/4-12/8. Any extra credit not turned in prior to the dismissal bell on Friday December 8 cannot be graded. Please make sure if you have done the work, you hand it in for credit :-)

Do not forget to number each drawing and first/last name and class name on the back of course!

You can find the November Art Challenge extra credit on our class Instagram page

Friday, November 17, 2017

art club- ideas

My goal for when we return after the New Year from our Holiday break is to organize an arts and crafts club for students after school. As many know, our large after school program is no longer occurring this year due to a budget cut.
Depending on how many resources we have will limit the amount of students who will be able to attend, but my goal is to collect as much materials as we can so that any students who are interested (from either art class) can attend.

I am trying to organize collection of materials to do some fun (and practical) things for the kids to make incorporating art and function.

We are looking for donations of materials to complete the following projects:

Floral Hula Hoop Wall Decorations:

Hula Hoops (Goal 20)
Fake Flowers/ Leaves
Floral Tape (Goal 25 rolls)
Extension chords

Watercolor Clocks:

Working Analog Clocks (Goal 20)
Watercolor Paper (Goal 20 12x18" large pieces)
White Pigment Pens (Goal 20)

Funfetti Candles:

Small/Medium Sized Glass Mason Jars (Goal 20)
Pre Waxed Wicks
Corn Syrup (Goal 2 bottles)
Rainbow Sprinkles (Goal 2 bottles)
Cupcake/Vanilla Scented Wax (Goal Enough for 20 mason jars)
Glass Measuring Cup with Spout
Hot Plate
Double Boiler Pot

Rag Shag Rug:

Old Sheets (Goal 20)
Anti Slip Mat/Latch Rug Canvas with 1cm grid width

Soda Straw Scarves:

Large McDonalds' Straws (Goal 150)
Yarn (Goal 10 Skeins, different colors)
Masking Tape (Goal 2 rolls)

Recycled Tshirt Tote Bags:

Old/Clean Tshirts from Thick Material (Goal 20)

Glitter Balloon Bowls:

Latex Balloons (Goal 20)
Mod Podge (Goal 3 Large Bottles)

String Art:

Wood (Plywood) (Goal 20)
Small, Thin Nails (Goal 4 boxes)
Embroidery Floss (Goal 40, different colors)

Dream Catchers:

Hoops (Goal 20)
Colored Ribbons
Floral Tape (Goal 25 rolls, Black)

Galaxy Slime:

Borax Powder (Goal 2 boxes)
Clear Liquid Glue (Goal 2 gallon)
Pink Food Coloring
Purple Food Coloring
Dark Blue Food Coloring
Light Blue Food Coloring

Customized Pencils:

hairdryer donations

We are collecting any outdated (but working) handheld hair dryers that you may be willing to part with. They are great for drying painted works in a pinch!

Thank you!